Who's Franco:

So whoís this Franco?

Well, heís an insane, wistful, moody, creative, smug, curmudgeonly, pretentious, opinionated schmuck. Or some such thingÖ
Normal? Most certainly not! After all, he's a Cavazzi....

To most Franco will always be Rumpelstilzchen, the one about whom they will never really knowÖ Thatís ok. Quite welcome actually.

I guess Iím obsessive in many a way. (Hell, one only needs to check out my rants on the other page to establish that!) I think in some ways Iím also quite secretive. Who knows, perhaps itís a leftover from my banking days.
I know the very existence of this site seems to belie the above. But then at worst this site is an exercise in pure narcissism, yet hardly a particularly revealing one.

I still do play football, albeit that Iím of an age that I really should know better by now. But hey, why grow fat if you have a group blokes in their twenties to hand, who can make you look ridiculous, unwieldy and past it whilst making you chase a ball? Well, it keeps you fit anyhowÖ.

Iíve launched on yet another attempt at writing. This time with perhaps a little more methodology than with the last, unhappy attempt.
If last time around I hoped telling others about it in great detail, might help put pressure on me to succeed, this time Iíll take the opposite approach. So thatís all Iím going to let on to right now, folks.

And yes, there's still that other fellow who hopes writing a comedy with me one day. We're full of good intentions - which never really get us anywhere...

Meanwhile of course Iím still trying to run that wildebeest of a Roman site. Iím always promising myself that one day Iíll get it to a state of perfection. But fate always intervenes. Most often than not by not granting me enough time to actually get to grips with the overdue re-write Iíve begun.

That said, my knackered back also seems to play an ever more prominent role in keeping me from my computer these days. The chiropractor is having no end of fun with me. The chiropractor that is, not me. Iíve been snapped and cracked in places recently which Iím sure were never meant to do so.

All the while I try to stay in touch with the world via email. Thatís if my spam filter doesnít kill all perfectly good incoming mail... What can I say? Itís quite arduous being the nut who runs this site.