Up the garden path.

Up the garden path...

Well, it's only a small back yard. But there's enough room to grow a thing or two. As can be seen here, the lillies have come into bloom right now.
(I got those as free bulbs with another order over ten years ago!!)
The blackcurrant bush has also decided to provide some goodies. Much to mother's delight.
And the rhubarb, well, it's battling valiantly against the raspberry vines which are growing behind it.
Meanwhile there's always a flipping trouble spot. The eagle eyed will detect that the bricks at the top of that garage wall are tipping. They're resting on a piece of timber which is rotting.
Only one thing for it, that completely useless windowframe will have to come out at the hole will need bricking up all the way to the top. Ah well, there's a first time for everything....